Generations of Love

For almost a century, love has been the center of our family-owned business. In fact, Davis Jewelers was built to celebrate the incredible connections that fine jewelry creates. To this day, nothing brings us more joy than developing and strengthening relationships within our community.

Our Modest Beginnings

Founded in the late 1920s by Henry Davis, a Russian immigrant, Davis Jewelers began as a small grocery store in downtown Louisville, evolving into a trusted pawnshop during the Great Depression. In 1988, the pivotal transformation into a dedicated jewelry store marked a new era with the opening of the Davis Center. This transition, driven by the Davis family's unwavering commitment to quality and customer service, has established Davis Jewelers as a symbol of luxury and excellence in jewelry.

Photo of old building in 1920

The Evolution of Davis Jewelers

In anticipation of its grand opening, Hank's visit to Baselworld in Switzerland marked the beginning of a new era for Davis Jewelers, expanding its collection with renowned watch lines. Joining the Continental Buying Group enhanced the store's industry standing and provided unparalleled access to resources and connections. The summer of 2001 welcomed Louisville to the new Davis Jewelers, a haven of luxury and elegance, further bolstered by Ashley's addition to the team in 2004. Achieving milestones as an authorized Rolex retailer in 2005 and the premier David Yurman retailer by 2011, Davis Jewelers has established itself as a symbol of fine jewelry and timepiece excellence.

From Foundation to Future

In 2015, Davis Jewelers underwent comprehensive renovations in response to its exponential growth, reinforcing its commitment to providing an unparalleled retail experience. The store now boasts a dedicated team of 30 professionals, all committed to upholding the Davis legacy of exceptional service. The 2021 enhancement of our watch and jewelry service centers, featuring state-of-the-art equipment and a laser engraver, represents our ongoing dedication to excellence. Looking ahead, we are excited to hint at future plans for a showroom renovation, promising to redefine luxury shopping once again.